Rahul And Khushboo Needs no introduction ,they are among few couples in India who are extremely passionate about travelling to remote places ,Jungle treks for their passion birding and wildlife photography.After visiting some of the untouched places in a country of over a billion population ,they had given up everything for birding trips and exhorting themself to the limits for the best shots. Rahul's knowledge on remote places is par excellence and Khushboo's Bird spotting among finest in india .Their passion for the natural world has grown into a lifelong commitment to inspire others to explore, respect and preserve the beauty of our fragile Earth.Using this same passion and drive they are able to over come a decade of obstacles and finally realize their dream of living in The Himalyas....



Dhinodhar- An Extinct Volcano


The only barricades on corners were few feets of snow , one wrong turn and you are down somewhere around 9000 feets flat !!! No trees at all after rakcham, drive was high doses of aderline .



Rahul loves to drive in hills So most of the trips are Self Driven And Khushboo keeps on navigating route and With An Eagle Eyes For Birds, her knowledge about routes is better than the best maps.

While everyone was enjoying monsoon by sipping cup of tea at home , they were facing this misty weather in kalatop roads


Few places that they had travelled extensively are kumaon and Garhwal region of uttarakhand, Mandala,Chattisgarh ,Giu, darkot ,dhinodhar .They always travel with no hotel bookings , just their car full of gadgets for photography , and few others like shovel , muela knife , colemans axe , tire puncture kit , food enough to last for weeks or months depending upon travel plan.

The two way highway in giu and chikul was just 2.5 meters wide .

One of the most adventurous drives till date was scaling chitkul and facing 9 landslides few of which were so big that we had to take halt in a cave, but as soon as parking the car we clean up the cave as there were spiders , we started preparing hot tea, pakoras, and soups, and trust me the Food was awesome.

Landslide ?? OH WOWW , that’s was first words from our mouth – and then the below story

We always carry dry mango tree woods for preparing food (lightest and best for extremely high altitudes) I don’t rely on GAS cylinders.


After spending 9 hours in cave ,whole night drive to reach destination ,temp was in between -15 ‘C to -20’C

Khushboo watching food being prepared by local tribal people near Kudri in chattisgarh .


After a drive of 39 hrs he can’t stop himself to ride bicycle in chilli winds of chitkul – temp recorded was -22’C

Preparing food near sarahan -maggi ,fried potatoes,fresh cumumber/onion salad’s, ginger tea , soup.

A tigress walk from the woods on our wedding anniversary in TATR .

Our place of stay in mandala ‘ For our Expedetion for golden cat and North east Birds